This is how Android phones get updated (infographic)


Ever wonder why it seems to take most phones forever to receive a new version of Android(s goog)? It turns out the update process is a lot more complicated than you’d imagine. HTC has created a fantastic infographic, detailing the anatomy of an Android update, tracing the steps from a pre-announcement PDK all the way to your phone.

According to HTC, there are no fewer than 12 steps necessary to bring an Android update to a carrier-based device. And though it isn’t mentioned in the graphic, a number of those steps involve waiting for approval from the carrier, which makes a lengthy process even longer. You can get your software faster with a Google Play edition device, or an unlocked or developer phone, but even those updates require seven or eight steps respectively.

Seeing this doesn’t take any of the frustration of waiting months for an update, but it…

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Crocodile Man

Grande coragem!

I had to get back to my zoo. It had been almost two weeks and I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms. I had the privilege of meeting one of the actual animal owners today.  He owns Lance, the African slender-snouted crocodile pictured below. He met up with one of the croc tenders from the Oregon zoo to get pictures of his magnificent animal. I was the “outside” guy. LOL

Gator Owner 2

Aligator Exhibit 1

Gator 1

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